Welsh Club of the Milwaukee Area

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Tue. 12/8 All day Immaculate Conception
Fri. 12/25 All day Christmas
Mon. 12/28 All day Childermas
Tue. 1/5 All day Epiphany Eve
Wed. 1/6 All day Epiphany
Wed. 1/13 All day Feast of the Baptism of Christ
Sun. 2/14 All day St. Valentine's Day
Tue. 2/16 All day Mardi Gras
Thu. 3/25 All day Annunciation
Sun. 3/28 All day Palm Sunday
Fri. 4/2 All day Good Friday
Sun. 4/4 All day Easter
Thu. 5/13 All day Ascension
Fri. 8/6 All day Transfiguration
Sun. 8/15 All day Assumption Day
Sat. 10/2 All day Feast of the Guardian Angels
All day Feast of the Gaurdian Angles Catholic day
Sat. 10/23 All day Creation
Sat. 10/30 All day Reformation Day Protestant day. On this day in 1517 Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the church in Wittenberg Germany, thereby beginning the Protestant Reformation. Lutherans observe this day on the preceding of following Sunday.
Sun. 10/31 All day Reformation Day
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